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Tested To Perfection

I became an obsessive home cook while living overseas in Turkey. My husband was in the Air Force, and our two years there left me no choice but to learn how to cook. Surrounded by flavors merging Mediterranean, Middle Eastern, European, and Asian cuisines, I was in a culinary paradise. I learned how to use sumac and bulgar. I fell hard for halloumi cheese and freshly baked Turkish pastries.

In Turkey, cooking with bright, fresh, local ingredients, I realized my love of eating seasonally had actually been instilled much earlier in life. I grew up in Kentucky, helping in my mother’s garden and learning the value of local farmers. Later on, I studied in the Netherlands at a time when the gospel of seasonality was spreading across Europe. I still think fondly of apple cake and coffee in warm, cozy Dutch bars.

I now live in Columbia, South Carolina, where I can be found working in my humble garden and hoarding Carolina Gold rice. My bookshelf is overflowing with cooking journals, vintage copies of Gourmet, and my grandmother’s collection of women’s club supper books. I spend far too much time making vanilla extract, reading Cherry Bombe Magazine, and developing recipes. Each new recipe I create is tested in my modest kitchen and critiqued by my husband and spitfire toddler.

Back Burner Meals​ is the product of these experiences ~ and the reality of feeding your loved ones supper, night after night.